I need some support

When I was young I kept wondering what to do for money so that I could buy food. Then I grew older and with so many health issues I wondered what can I do to get paid so that I don’t have to worry about paying for my medicines.
The truth today is that meanwhile things are heading into uncertainty with help for anyone that needs money to pay for medical care I want to take care of this. I don’t want to be a burden on society and this is why I decided to write books, create art for money. I could stand by a corner and panhandle for money, but I don’t want to. This is the reason why I decided to make art, write books so that I can take care of myself,buy medicines and buy food with this money.
The reason why I only sell my work for .99 cents is, because people can keep coming back to support me. They can purchase more art when ever they want. All of my work is digital and can be downloaded. I think very different about money. I didn’t really cared about wealth or purchasing mansions or boats, cars. I do think about just being able to live and pay for my medical bills, medicines. This is more important to me than other things.
I think that I did write about what I wanted to do before about earning money. This is it. I do have health issues that are difficult to deal with, but through creating art this has given me hope that I can at least do something for money. I’m still waiting for the day that I don’t ever have to worry about ever thinking about paying for my medicines or doctor’s bills ever again.
With your help by purchasing my books, art and music I can one day change my circumstance from not being able to pay for my medicines to not ever having to worry about not being able to pay for doctors and medicines.
I have asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes. I want to never again think of not being able to pay for my medicines ever again. I don’t go to those sites for crowd funding, because I want to earn my money with my music and my art. I have pride and feel that I can earn my way without bothering anyone for money. Your help is greatly appreciated.
For my ebooks all of them are .99 cents. Remember it’s not about how great they are it’s about helping out. The best selling title is just a title and not that I have made millions off of them. I’m not expecting a movie or a Hollywood career from any of my stories. They are short stories that I thought can help me in the future for survival in the real world. Instead of standing panhandling for money I want to make it in the world by creating stories like these. Your help is greatly appreciated.
This is the link to the site:
My music and art is also .99 cents. I’m not like other musicians. My music is on you tube which I showcase as well. I try to share it there so that people can see that I’m the one that is creating this music. I’m not stealing anyone’s work to lie to the world about what I’m doing. I do want to survive in this world with my music and artwork. I also created all of the covers for all of my music as well. I don’t depend on other art covers to add them to my work.
I’m a self learned artist that learned how to design any cover for all of my work. I’m also a self taught music producer as well. I bought very cheap software that are out of date so that I could learn how to make music. I also use software that my computer has to design my artwork.
Most of my softwares have cost ten dollars or even five dollars. I can’t afford much so I have made what I could with what ever I can. You know when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. I’m learning all I can to be self sufficient. I rather do all of this than again panhandle outside or ask anyone for money.
These are the links to where my music and art are. I will update this page in the future or write on other blogs about my new work. Your help is greatly appreciated:
On this page when you place your cursor on any item make sure you click on the dark arrow to the left.
I have one more link with music on it for .99 cents.
Your help is greatly appreciated.
My other site where I have my other music is here as well:
Most of these sites have links to my facebook and twitter page. I will add information there about my new work. You can follow me on all of these networking sites. Thank you so much for your help. Writing and art is not just hobbies for me. They are more of a survival way to ask the public for money without standing outside with a little cup asking for money.
Yes I am begging for money, but through my art and music. Thank you so much for purchasing my art and music. Have a great day.


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