Change began with me

When I began to self publish my work I was told by a few people that had read my work that my work was trash. I got into a bit of arguments, but then I remembered the reason why I had self published my work.
I self published my work, because I knew that I was going to encounter comments like these ones. I knew that it was those comments that were going to make me delete all of my word documents that I had saved recently. I didn’t just work on one manuscript I worked on many at a time sometimes five or ten at a time.
As the years have gone by these same works that people told me in comments they were trash have become Best Sellers. I learned that listening to those comments was awkward. That was not me. I knew that once I self published all of my work that it was going to be out there for the world to read anytime 24 hours of the day 7 days a week for anyone including others that will say my work is not good at all. I just took a chance.
I knew that in order for my life to change I would have to make a different move that not many will be making. I put my fears aside, because there were many and just held on to this tiny hope. I wasn’t trying to be like anyone else. I just wanted to write, create art, music, photography anything that I thought would be work.
Nothing that I have done has been easy. Everything is very difficult. None of my art has been easy to create. I just did it. Creating music is not easy so now I see what other people go through to create one song. None of this was easy to do all I know is that it was going to take time to learn how to do it. I knew that I had a choice. Either I quit while I was at it or just delete the Digital Audio Workstation I had uploaded on my computer.
I chose to learn everything about it and what I could do to make my own music. I did it and have self published my work for the world to listen to it. It’s out there. Was I scared to do that? Yes I was scared, because my music is not like everyone else. I have learned that all music is different and that no music is the same.
I was scared to share anything, because I never did this before. I have lived with this secret of wanting to create art, music, photography, becoming an author for many years. I wasn’t even good at writing when I was in school, but I did win a spelling bee contest in elementary school. This motivated me to learn more about words and I kept reading.
I knew there was something out there that I could do. My writings were not like those college books, but I knew that my words could be understood. I knew I could do something. I wrote a few notebooks filled with poems and other stories, but I never self published any of them. I was too scared at the time and not enough self esteem. Then one day when I learned that I could self publish my work I went for it. I started to write and it’s all history.
Change began with me. I made a change to push my fears aside and try to find a better future. I learned also to listen to myself and keep on moving forward in life when anything tries to slow me down. When someone told me once that I was illiterate I thought if I am why I’m able to succeed in life. It was my thoughts of myself that was going to determine who I was and not anyone else comment about me.


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