Don’t give up so easily

I was looking at some videos on motivational speaking. Most of them were speaking on persistence and discipline. I am one of those that failed so many times on doing things like completing my educational goals.
I finally completed every educational goal. I just didn’t let failure of not passing any tests keep me from trying. Trying is the only thing I had going for me. When you stop trying out new things then things just stop all together. You have to keep on trying even if your spirit is broken.
The whole idea is to keep going. Get up and try new ways to do things. I tried so many different ways to get to my goal. If I had stopped trying I would not have completed anything. I wouldn’t have the courage to write or let alone complete any artwork.
Art, music,photography, writing is hard work. It takes a lot of patience when doing anything creative, because you have to think a lot. You have to use your mind and if your mind is not clear then you can’t get anything done. You won’t be able to remember certain things or even keep up with anything.
I was reading a post on someone that kept giving up on everything that they applied themselves to. They said that they compare themselves to everyone else and that made them give up. I thought this is not the way to do things. You can’t compare yourself to others when being creative, because their ideas are different from yours. Their dedication is different from yours too.
I kept thinking if I was to compare myself with other artists I would feel so depressed, because I don’t want to be like everyone else. I always wanted to be different at everything. The only thing that kept me enthusiastic about everything was that I could do everything else without imitating anyone.
What I learned also is that having the capability to share my work with the world was possible and this just made me feel so much better. All I had to do was be creative and create what I like. I keep reading about how a lot of people are having problems with starting their creativity. When I come across some posts I always share my experiences. I also tell them about all the hardships that come with being out there in the world and all of the negativity that can come from others that will put everything you do down.
Being creative is not easy and the people that put you down make things worse making you feel like you should give up. It’s persistence that will get you through. When you feel like giving up for any reason always remember there is always another day to start over. It’s all up to you to keep on going.


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