Thank You So Much :-)

Hello Everyone.
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that buys my work. I appreciate it so much. Sometimes I don’t even know how to express my appreciation. This means so much to me. I have been working very hard on my creativity so that I can share it with the world and it’s paying off.
A few years ago I was afraid of even trying, but I slowly got over that feeling by publishing my first book then another. I also moved on to other arts as well. I have experimented with different types of arts and thought of sharing it with the world. The first step were the hardest, but I figured out that I didn’t have to worry about failure or anything else anymore.
I appreciate every purchase you all have made. I just wanted to say this. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

Making Money

I have been reading a lot of posts about making money. Money can be made by making your own products. If you are an artist,Writer, music producer, photographer, it’s possible that you don’t have to sell anyone’s products to make money.
To make money you have to sell things like products. You can create your own products. These days you can sell your own creations to the world. You can make your work into digital files and sell them. They can either download to hear your music, or print your art work. This way they can hang up your art work easily.
With your downloaded music they can add it to any of their choice mp3 players, media players. This is if you’re a musician. There are different types of music being produced today. Don’t be afraid of being creative. These days you can be as creative as you like. Do your search for places you can sell your digital work. Take that chance and don’t be afraid. I use to be afraid of doing something different and then thought what is happening to me.
I just put that fear of failure to rest. I take risks and this is my self motivation. I don’t give up that easy.Great success to you.

What I’m doing lately

I have been getting involved in making music, creating art. I have also been reading different posts out there lately. I try not to let things get in the way, because I can literally get very lost in the daily things.
I uploaded some more videos of some of my music on youtube. This is making me busy at times. I also try my best to read other posts on different things to catch up on things. Lately I don’t know what else to get involved with. I try my best to alternate everything just to make time for other things.
Time management is very important. I make the best of my time so that I can do other things. I usually use an hour at a time for one thing then the next day I do other things. This is how I manage everything that I do. Just passing through to write a little bit here.

Don’t give up so easily

I was looking at some videos on motivational speaking. Most of them were speaking on persistence and discipline. I am one of those that failed so many times on doing things like completing my educational goals.
I finally completed every educational goal. I just didn’t let failure of not passing any tests keep me from trying. Trying is the only thing I had going for me. When you stop trying out new things then things just stop all together. You have to keep on trying even if your spirit is broken.
The whole idea is to keep going. Get up and try new ways to do things. I tried so many different ways to get to my goal. If I had stopped trying I would not have completed anything. I wouldn’t have the courage to write or let alone complete any artwork.
Art, music,photography, writing is hard work. It takes a lot of patience when doing anything creative, because you have to think a lot. You have to use your mind and if your mind is not clear then you can’t get anything done. You won’t be able to remember certain things or even keep up with anything.
I was reading a post on someone that kept giving up on everything that they applied themselves to. They said that they compare themselves to everyone else and that made them give up. I thought this is not the way to do things. You can’t compare yourself to others when being creative, because their ideas are different from yours. Their dedication is different from yours too.
I kept thinking if I was to compare myself with other artists I would feel so depressed, because I don’t want to be like everyone else. I always wanted to be different at everything. The only thing that kept me enthusiastic about everything was that I could do everything else without imitating anyone.
What I learned also is that having the capability to share my work with the world was possible and this just made me feel so much better. All I had to do was be creative and create what I like. I keep reading about how a lot of people are having problems with starting their creativity. When I come across some posts I always share my experiences. I also tell them about all the hardships that come with being out there in the world and all of the negativity that can come from others that will put everything you do down.
Being creative is not easy and the people that put you down make things worse making you feel like you should give up. It’s persistence that will get you through. When you feel like giving up for any reason always remember there is always another day to start over. It’s all up to you to keep on going.

Change began with me

When I began to self publish my work I was told by a few people that had read my work that my work was trash. I got into a bit of arguments, but then I remembered the reason why I had self published my work.
I self published my work, because I knew that I was going to encounter comments like these ones. I knew that it was those comments that were going to make me delete all of my word documents that I had saved recently. I didn’t just work on one manuscript I worked on many at a time sometimes five or ten at a time.
As the years have gone by these same works that people told me in comments they were trash have become Best Sellers. I learned that listening to those comments was awkward. That was not me. I knew that once I self published all of my work that it was going to be out there for the world to read anytime 24 hours of the day 7 days a week for anyone including others that will say my work is not good at all. I just took a chance.
I knew that in order for my life to change I would have to make a different move that not many will be making. I put my fears aside, because there were many and just held on to this tiny hope. I wasn’t trying to be like anyone else. I just wanted to write, create art, music, photography anything that I thought would be work.
Nothing that I have done has been easy. Everything is very difficult. None of my art has been easy to create. I just did it. Creating music is not easy so now I see what other people go through to create one song. None of this was easy to do all I know is that it was going to take time to learn how to do it. I knew that I had a choice. Either I quit while I was at it or just delete the Digital Audio Workstation I had uploaded on my computer.
I chose to learn everything about it and what I could do to make my own music. I did it and have self published my work for the world to listen to it. It’s out there. Was I scared to do that? Yes I was scared, because my music is not like everyone else. I have learned that all music is different and that no music is the same.
I was scared to share anything, because I never did this before. I have lived with this secret of wanting to create art, music, photography, becoming an author for many years. I wasn’t even good at writing when I was in school, but I did win a spelling bee contest in elementary school. This motivated me to learn more about words and I kept reading.
I knew there was something out there that I could do. My writings were not like those college books, but I knew that my words could be understood. I knew I could do something. I wrote a few notebooks filled with poems and other stories, but I never self published any of them. I was too scared at the time and not enough self esteem. Then one day when I learned that I could self publish my work I went for it. I started to write and it’s all history.
Change began with me. I made a change to push my fears aside and try to find a better future. I learned also to listen to myself and keep on moving forward in life when anything tries to slow me down. When someone told me once that I was illiterate I thought if I am why I’m able to succeed in life. It was my thoughts of myself that was going to determine who I was and not anyone else comment about me.