I need some support

When I was young I kept wondering what to do for money so that I could buy food. Then I grew older and with so many health issues I wondered what can I do to get paid so that I don’t have to worry about paying for my medicines.
The truth today is that meanwhile things are heading into uncertainty with help for anyone that needs money to pay for medical care I want to take care of this. I don’t want to be a burden on society and this is why I decided to write books, create art for money. I could stand by a corner and panhandle for money, but I don’t want to. This is the reason why I decided to make art, write books so that I can take care of myself,buy medicines and buy food with this money.
The reason why I only sell my work for .99 cents is, because people can keep coming back to support me. They can purchase more art when ever they want. All of my work is digital and can be downloaded. I think very different about money. I didn’t really cared about wealth or purchasing mansions or boats, cars. I do think about just being able to live and pay for my medical bills, medicines. This is more important to me than other things.
I think that I did write about what I wanted to do before about earning money. This is it. I do have health issues that are difficult to deal with, but through creating art this has given me hope that I can at least do something for money. I’m still waiting for the day that I don’t ever have to worry about ever thinking about paying for my medicines or doctor’s bills ever again.
With your help by purchasing my books, art and music I can one day change my circumstance from not being able to pay for my medicines to not ever having to worry about not being able to pay for doctors and medicines.
I have asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes. I want to never again think of not being able to pay for my medicines ever again. I don’t go to those sites for crowd funding, because I want to earn my money with my music and my art. I have pride and feel that I can earn my way without bothering anyone for money. Your help is greatly appreciated.
For my ebooks all of them are .99 cents. Remember it’s not about how great they are it’s about helping out. The best selling title is just a title and not that I have made millions off of them. I’m not expecting a movie or a Hollywood career from any of my stories. They are short stories that I thought can help me in the future for survival in the real world. Instead of standing panhandling for money I want to make it in the world by creating stories like these. Your help is greatly appreciated.
This is the link to the site:
My music and art is also .99 cents. I’m not like other musicians. My music is on you tube which I showcase as well. I try to share it there so that people can see that I’m the one that is creating this music. I’m not stealing anyone’s work to lie to the world about what I’m doing. I do want to survive in this world with my music and artwork. I also created all of the covers for all of my music as well. I don’t depend on other art covers to add them to my work.
I’m a self learned artist that learned how to design any cover for all of my work. I’m also a self taught music producer as well. I bought very cheap software that are out of date so that I could learn how to make music. I also use software that my computer has to design my artwork.
Most of my softwares have cost ten dollars or even five dollars. I can’t afford much so I have made what I could with what ever I can. You know when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. I’m learning all I can to be self sufficient. I rather do all of this than again panhandle outside or ask anyone for money.
These are the links to where my music and art are. I will update this page in the future or write on other blogs about my new work. Your help is greatly appreciated:
On this page when you place your cursor on any item make sure you click on the dark arrow to the left.
I have one more link with music on it for .99 cents.
Your help is greatly appreciated.
My other site where I have my other music is here as well:
Most of these sites have links to my facebook and twitter page. I will add information there about my new work. You can follow me on all of these networking sites. Thank you so much for your help. Writing and art is not just hobbies for me. They are more of a survival way to ask the public for money without standing outside with a little cup asking for money.
Yes I am begging for money, but through my art and music. Thank you so much for purchasing my art and music. Have a great day.

How I dealt with Trauma

One thing I learned from trauma is this. You can never forget about what happened in the past. All you can do is keep on living life and try to live life better than it was before. Not everything can be perfect, but if you feel happy in your life then life will be more pleasant.

You cannot let trauma take control of your present or future life. You have to get help to cope with your sadness, depression or anger management, because this is the only thing that will help with melting the iron of those shackles. Only you have the power to snap out of things. You have to put your mind to it.

I knew that my trauma was going to kick me hard, but through life I have learned that most of my past problems were not really my fault. It was up to me if I wanted to drink myself to death or end in a cemetery somewhere. I chose to evaluate my life and keep myself from falling down. This is how I dealt with my trauma.

Being locked up in the mind

I was reading a story on discrimination and I had to write how it feels to be discriminated. This is my story and I can only speak for myself. My experience in life itself hasn’t been easy. I have always felt locked up in a place where I have encountered a lot of hateful attitudes along the way. This is my experience and I’m going to share it with the world and keep on until people see that discrimination sometimes is very personal to many.
I’m hoping for everyone including children to learn from my experience. Life is not too easy, but we can learn from each other. Every time I hear of little kids being bullied in school it just makes me go back in time when kids would call me raisin bread. They did this, because my skin is like cinnamon in color and I have curly hair. I was told this by the black girls that beat me up in school. I just didn’t fit in the black community at all. Too light not black enough and very quiet in my ways. Very naive enough to hurt physically and mentally. This is what I wrote to answer that message that was asked.
Discrimination is an awful feeling. When people see you through their eyes and they have a different view about you whether it’s religious based it’s really awful. Even when it’s just, because the color of your skin this really becomes a problem.

I’m from Puerto Rico. I was born there and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but this didn’t change the way I was being treated by others. People treated me like I was a monster. They looked at me real nasty as they pass by me. Even on the subways people stare with disgust.

All of this for no reason at all. One day on the Brooklyn Bridge a man stopped riding his bike to spit on my face. I didn’t know what to do about that, because all I thought well the river was right below me. Either I would go to jail for slapping him on the face or get thrown over the iron bars. Either way I was stuck.

I was carded for using the bathroom. If this isn’t discrimination I don’t know what it is. While my mother was in intensive care upstairs in the hospital I was being carded downstairs of this hospital for being in the bathroom. If this is not discrimination I don’t know what it is.

I have had to move to the side, because people walking by me usually were trying to push me through stairs or on the ground. All because of looking different. When you look different people say you’re disgusting or like a policeman I was walking by in times square once he said that’s a sin. I just kept walking by and ignored the provocation.

I have had to ignore a lot of provocations in order to survive in New York City and through out my entire life. I have had to do so, because it was either go to jail or get killed by someone. I rather survive, because this way I have the option to share my experience with the world about being different and looking different.

I don’t think I would have survived if I didn’t end up at the G Building in the kings County hospital for 4 months locked up with depression. Being in this asylum locked up helped me to sort out my thoughts and what I wanted to do with my future.

This is my future

Today I read a post on someone that said something that really made a lot of sense to me. It sort of made me realize a lot of things. I thought of the reason why I got into creating music and art.
They spoke about those great artist from the past and how they were not as famous as they are today. I thought I don’t want to be remembered in the future. I am here right now. They claimed how those people were not as famous then.
I only thought that art is very beautiful today and will always be. I admire all of the artists today for their efforts. The reason for this post is that I ask to be noticed today by everyone and hope to be supported with contributions from my art. Like all of those before me tried to make a life with their art. I want to be seen now and not later in the future. Please support my work by purchasing my books, music or art work. Thank you so much.

Don’t let anyone steal your Dreams

When I first wrote Fallowville City of the Dead I thought of a basic scary story. I wrote it and published it. It stayed there lingering around for a while, until I began to see harsh reviews from some people.
I never wrote it to get any reviews. I wrote this story for the fun of it. I never thought it would go anywhere, because people said not to purchase it. I didn’t deserve anyone to read it. The harsh words kept on piling up.
Today I looked at my page and it’s a best seller. I’m very glad it made it through out there. It’s a nice story. I had a nice time writing it. It’s spooky, but the end was nice. At least I thought so.
Amazon’s Norma Padro Page
Discover books, read about the author, find related products, and more.More about Norma Padro
Bestselling Books:Raguel 2, Fallowville City of the Dead, How to be Self Disciplined.
This is why it’s a good idea not to let anyone steal your dreams away. I work hard to write stories. I just don’t know where they might end up at times. Usually at the end I get to see what happens.I’m glad I never gave up on my dreams. I’m so glad I became an author.
The whole truth is that I had deleted most of my work before then decided to add them again for a second chance. They are doing well now. Thanks to everybody that read it. I appreciate it.

A Dream of mine

First I will like to thank everyone that has bought some of my work. Thank you so much for your support. I appreciate it very much. This is the reason why I write, create music and art. I always wish that someone will purchase everything that I create.
When ever I create something I publish it with the dream that it can become a best seller. I’m sure a lot of people have a dream of making it in the world. My dream has always been this as well.
I didn’t send my work out to promoters or publishers, because I am capable of publishing my own work. I have promoted my work where ever I can and have let a lot of people know about my work on my profiles.
I write about my work on both of my blogs so that people all over can learn more about what I’m doing. I don’t always dream about becoming famous, because all I think about is being able to live off my own art work. This is my dream.
I never thought of my art work to be on a museum stand or a gallery. I just thought maybe I can make a living of my art. I have this dream that my work can help me become who I want to be.
My music. My music is very different from any songs I hear on the radio. I still find it different and worthy of listening to it. This is the reason why I create music. The dream I have about my music is that it will help me to become the person that I want to be. I still have dreams of living of my music too.
My books. I wrote these books with the thought that maybe one day I could live of my book sales. I want to live of my work. This is a dream I have. Every day I look at my work and think this work has taken a lot of work. Every time I look at all of my work I think about all that I have accomplished and hope that someone out there have taken something out of my work. Maybe I can change someone’s life by my writings.
I create art and every part of my work is done with a lot of dedication and with the hope that I can live of my work. Live a great life not have to worry about where my next meal will come from. Always have money for my medicines. I do have health issues and use medicines that help me live a healthy life.
I heard of an artist that began his drawings, but hardly managed to complete his task. I always complete every task. Sometimes I stop and then I go back and finish every drawing. Creating art is not easy. It takes a lot of thinking and dedication.
I think that what keeps me going is the joy and that one day I can live of my work. I wonder at times if anyone will want my art work on their walls. Sometimes I dream that my work will be cherished by many people out in the world. It’s a dream. I can see my work in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens. Maybe even museums or galleries. It’s still just a dream.
Sometimes I see my music helping other new musicians find their way and realize their own talents. Sometimes I can see them saying so this is music all together. It’s different, but I like it. Let me try it too. It will be nice if one day they can say I heard music like this from a musician by the name of Norma Padro. This will be so great. My dream. My wish.